by Premonitions

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released July 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Premonitions New Jersey

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Track Name: Material Thinking
Encompassed with such nonsense, too many loose ends. Habitual patterns, insatiable process; no progress. Just a trail of burning debris, stifled under the formal decree we've accepted. Subservient. plead your ignorance in an instant, your the dependent directing this backward momentum.
Skyscrapers splinter the sky, muffling the echoing
cries of every starving child far and wide. This is hell, this is hell. Wake up from your plentitude, see all is not well. The realist issues go neglected, are we that
unreceptive and selfish? These buildings and all that you see are just props to procure a delusional preconception of luxury. Take it in, all that you see. Your concept of living is extravagantly unnecessary
Bury yourself in gold
Track Name: Infinite War
A generation of soldiers
Beast of men
Raised in a bastion of deceit
Trained to kill, ready to die
Total subterfuge shrouds the cause of combat and the reason of our steel presence around the world
Building bases in the backyards of the enemy and every precarious country unready and unsteady
Ship off, ship out
Let patriotism blind all doubts
A story created and a promise made
That you will fight for them and their profits but you will die in vain.
And that's not okay
Beast of man
Welcome this war
Without truly knowing what your fighting for
Your oppressor created
In hopes that youd hate them
And make you throw away your life
Let the dirty banksters finally pick up a gun and defend the choices they've made, your life isn't worth their advancement on the human race
It's your choice to make
Lucid thoughts of revolution are the only things keeping me warm from the bitterness in its boldest forms.
Masses walk through life like lead, absent and cold, their mindless protection from the world.
We are not as wise as we are proud and dumb
Fight to your hearts content
Is greed more comforting then human dignity?
Or are we just pushing ourselves farther down the hole.
Track Name: Burn
Faith only in myself and in binding love.
With force in each step, Tired and striving, this stride is starving.
Condemned by you, society; imperatively graced with individuality to bold to blend, I will burn in your hell for this.
brute but passionately compelling
I see satisfaction and eternal bliss in the fact that I will never be you.
I've been trying to see this through. To open my eyes, finally realizing the truth
To preserve this piece of mind
To find the strength we thought we lost in overtime
calamity in conformity
exuberant through the ashes of fate?
Clinging hard to my dignity, surrounding myself with all I know.
Humility is the thin line between us. Your spoils may be rich, just a pardon for spiritual deprivations. Abstract doorways lead ample directions.
Pain has never felt so perfect. So proper
Track Name: Black Sheep Mentality
Miscalculations and moments of self-assertion . These mistakes, I wish I learned the first time. Abating in my conceit with obvious wounds to show. A battered and bitter human but less off a being. Inward and beyond, a lack of will rest in the void. No righteous fury to arise and truly feel alive. Inward and beyond, I am not whole. Trace back the symptomatic scares, they tell the tale of a troubled trance. But now, with audacious hands over my eyes the darkness inspires. A sight for all the sore eyes exposed to artificial light. Forced immolation, polish the blemishes that tarnish me until I dissipate in my search for divination. I watch the days pass by through transparent walls. It eats away at me to stand so still. We must dispel the benevolent idea of boredom. You are the journey.
Sedated by the government;
our attention distracted..
a second hand reality priced, contorted, recycled.
Track Name: The Greed
We, the people. No, we the peons
Chase the breeze of freedom like fleeting sheep
Persuaded through propaganda into thinking this way of life is ideal.
Concerned with revenue;
Our necessities have become commodities to conglomerates, ravishing every living creature in there way.
Social structures and class systems designed to divide us
As Money and media further morph the mirage of the American dream, killing creative lust. Dumbing you down.

I will not shed a tear for money,
ashamed it already takes so much of our time and frustration..
Dollar bills Stained by the blood of hard workers and the greed driven men who hired them.
Life ending paper cuts castrate the man demeaning him to live as a parasite,
relying on money to fuel the drive to live.
Thrown off the fiscal cliff into the Wall Street snake pit.
Governed by the monetary system of slavery,
the dollar is only is as rich as the belief of the people, a value emulated in debt till death
Monsters are manmade. Human bones build their bridges to the future